"Dil Se" represents the arrival of floral consciousness. Motifs are contextualized in a virtual environment to explore the interconnected strive of the material body aching for control and the spiritual mind yearning for surrender.

Floral consciousness is a theory of human and spiritual evolution first pollinated in Tom Robbin's novel "Jitterbug Perfume". The theory is based off of the Triune model which suggests that the human brain has evolved from several augmentations and continues to evolve to efficiently gather and process data from its environment.

The floral brain corresponds to our neocortex and is the latest stage of human consciousness where humans, like flowers, are capable of extracting energy and intention from light.

In a spell of digital technology, processing collections of illuminated pixels into coherent data has been the most pervasive propagation of information: arousing new enigmas of how we collectively communicate and navigate our realities.