Fury is a music video for Huxley Anne. It is the first act. It’s a record of a moment, thousands and thousands of years ago, a prologue setting the stage. An alternate mythology, one that takes a different turn. Distorted visions rise up from the Underworld, taking the shape of the Furies, dripping silicone from the Styx. Who is she, who are they, which is real?

Director: Gina Crow
Art Director: Dalena Tran
Cinematography: Grant Duncan
Production Designer: Dalena Tran
VFX: Hirad Sab
Lead Stylist: Lloyd Galbraith
Production Assistant: Talon McKee Music by Huxley Anne

Helen: India Jordan
Fury Elekto: Lyena Kang
Fury Megaera: Sophia Schakel
Fury Tisiphone: Carlina Rebeiro
Costume Design: Radka Salcmannova & Kaley Tukes